Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Short Santa Fe Sojourn

Our guest room has been feeling uncharacteristically useful recently.  It sits empty too much of the time.   A friend from high school (and NO we will not share how long ago that was!) visited this week.  She traveled from the wet and cool northwest to our sunny, crisp fall.  When asked what she most wanted to do, she replied, "Eat New Mexican Food!"  By which she did not mean "Tex-Mex" or "California Fusion."  Rather she was longing for that unique food that we grew up eating.  Chile spelled with an "e" at the end.  "Red, Green, or Christmas."  Chile Rellenos made with Big Jim's not poblanos.  Sopapillas dripping with honey.

We had made reservations at the El Rey in Santa Fe, so that we could spend a night and have plenty of time for galleries, shopping, and eating.  Okay, mostly eating!

My sister Rosalind always loved staying at the El Rey when she traveled for work, but I had never been thereBelow (I took all the photos unless they are attributed) is what we found...
Here is what you see from the street....but surprise, behind this building you will find five acres of a little oasis sheltered from traffic on the busy Cerrillos Road.  Above photo Via

No two rooms are decorated alike, but they are all spacious and very comfortable.  Take a look at El Rey's website to see images. (I don't receive any money for recommending either restaurants or lodgings...just like to share my personal preferences.)

We arrived in Santa Fe at 1:00 p.m., so the first order of business was lunch.  Mary wanted to return to the Blue Corn Cafe, which she and her husband had enjoyed on a previous visit.  We ran into another of my friend's, Betsy, who had brought her brother, visiting from San Francisco, to Santa Fe.  

My Southwestern Cobb Salad was wonderful, containing enough real bacon to make several BLT's and much too large to finish, but Mary's choice of Corn Chowder had me asking for more than one taste.  Next time I will order an entire bowl for myself.

Photo Via
 After lunch, we charged off to visit the shops and galleries, stopping, of course, at my childhood favorite, Doodlets.  After 50 years, it continues to delight me.  I purchased a few things for my grandchildren and a miniature witch for Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  Mary loved this little jack-o-lantern sculpture..
The small black crow is by a Navajo carver, Ray Lansing his wife Alondra.

Ray and Alondra Lansing Photo Via

and she insisted on coming home with me from Sun Country Traders.  My owl is viewing her with suspicion.  Wise owl. Crows are notorious thieves, but I love her little frown!

Mary managed to find earrings to match several pieces of jewelry that she had purchased over the years.  Altogether a successful afternoon.  

Photo via

A little indulgent soak in the outdoor Jacuzzi at the El Rey revived us and we dressed (not "dressed up" because putting on a turquoise jewelry with your jeans are considered dressing for dinner in Santa Fe) and made it in time to have a Margarita in the bar at the Shed before our dinner reservations.  You can see photos of the Shed in a previous post here. They now take reservations for dinner, but you had better call the day before!

Which means I will soon be phoning The Shed for another reservation as we are expecting more guests this coming weekend.  Also from the Seattle area.  Could they be escaping the rains?  My guest room is ecstatic. 

Breakfast the next morning was Chile Rellenos at Pasqual's

With really great coffee and both red and green chile on board we headed out for a last look at galleries.

Then met my daughter out on Old Pecos Trail at a relatively new establishment (for Santa Fe) called Harry's Roadhouse.  My stomach called "uncle" and I ordered a Po' Boy Catfish sandwich, then stared longingly at Mary's enchiladas.
Utterly surfeited both visually and gastronomically we headed back to Albuquerque.

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