Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dia De Los Muertos and Marigold Parade, Albuquerque

My daughter made these corsages from silk flowers and prairie dog skulls that Colin found when hiking.  They will wear them at the Dia De Los Muertos and Marigold Parade in Albuquerque.  
Theme: El agua es la vida, no se vende se defiende means (loosely translated by my high school Spanish) "Water is life, it is not to be sold, but defended."

I walked along side of Brittany last year to provide a shoulder to hang onto when she tired.  She had been ill but was determined to walk on stilts with Colin.

Here are some photos from last year...
You could purchase a hat or silk flowers from one of many vendors at the culmination of the parade.
  A float at rest after the parade.
 Along the parade route.

 Brittany and her friend, Rhonda (don't come with a bare face, you might feel a little naked!)

 But if you don't have any face make-up, you can buy a face...

Or paint a little face...

Brittany and Colin on their stilts...


I will be having fun at the parade with my grown (well somewhat grownup) children.

Ofrendas are a part of the Dia De Los Muertos tradition.

Notice the photographs?  These are family members or friends who have died.  The altar is created to remember them.  My church, St. Mark's Episcopal Church, creates an Ofrenda every year for parishioners to remember their loved ones on All Saints Day.  This year it is also showcasing many of the icons of saints painted in the ongoing icon classes.  New classes will be forming soon if you would like to learn "icon writing."  Sign up to receive our newsletter for more information.

Or if parades and calaveras are not your thing, come to the Fairgrounds this weekend to view the Encantadas Opening Reception.  My friend and fellow artist, Allen Lowery will have some of his artwork hanging.

So much fun, so little time!

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