Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Shy, Illusive Fox

Sometimes, as I drive up the mountainside to my house, a fox slips across the dirt road in front of my car.  A flash of red in an otherwise dusty green and brown landscape.  We often see wildlife but the fox is much shyer, so I have often wondered how artists become familiar enough with foxes to paint these compelling images...

by Lucy Newton Mixed Media

Always Wary, Watercolor by Joe Garcia Image Via

Water Color by Dean Crouser Image Via
Watercolor by Joe Garcia Image via
Out Foxed by Bonnie Marris Image Via
 Found this image on Pinterest but was unable to follow it to its source. A reader provided the answer.  It is by Konstantin Kalinin.

Evening Fox by Marcia Baldwin image via
'Zorros' by Franz Marc (1913) Image Via
New Media by Kamilla Marant Image Via

Game Over by Robert Bateman  Image Via

Love this one.  Wish I could discover who painted it.  I also found this on Pinterest, but the original pinner did not attribute it.

Perhaps in other parts of the country, foxes are more tame, or more bold and hang around long enough to at least be photographed.  Wish that our fox-in-residence would come out more frequently. But maybe Sati, our cat, will survive to old age if our dog continues to chase away all wild things.  

It has been some time since I have seen our flock of wild turkeys.  The bow hunting season was in the spring, so I am thinking the turkeys may be moving to a lower elevation for the winter.   I am told that this flock, which drove our dog mad as they marched, one at a time, across the hillside behind our house, might be the turkeys "missing in action" from the San Felipe pueblo to the north of us.  Perhaps they have decided to return home.

There also has been no sign of last year's bear cub.  The lack of pinion nuts this year might have him foraging further afield.


  1. Hello! I, too, was looking for the source of that particular fox painting that you were unable to find yourself, the sixth one down. It's by Konstantin Kalinin, here is his website:

    1. Thanks so much, I will go back and add his name.


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