Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Watercolors With Six Year Old's

I am in California celebrating my twin granddaughter's sixth birthday and they love art!  Here is their work space...

Tables from IKEA with wheels added to make it easier to clean this space.

A secret to creativity, don't worry too much about the end result!  Many things go into the trash.

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I showed the twins this image of a painting by Renee Nault, a Canadian artist and illustrator who is primarily known for her whimsical mermaids...
We started with typewriter...oops showing my age...I meant computer paper and used blue painters' tape to cover the areas we wanted to stay white.

This is Sara's

This is Caroline's
The girls then painted over the tape with black and we sprinkled salt onto the paint hoping to create a snowy effect.  However, computer paper does NOT act like watercolor paper and the salt did not accomplish the intended result.
However, when the paint dried and we pulled off the blue tape, the girls were excited to see their trees.

Tomorrow we will attempt the little fox.  AND purchase some watercolor paper!

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  1. These are VERY cool. I wish my grandmother had done things like this with me. What a great memory for the girls! And they did a great job. I hope someone will be framing them.


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