Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Art Lover At An Early Age

Today my friend, Kathie B., took me to lunch at Vinaigrette Bistro near Old Town, Albuquerque for a belated birthday celebration and my almost three year old granddaughter Eliza enlivened the occasion.  After a wonderful lunch on their patio where everyone politely ignored the fact that Eliza was NOT STAYING in her chair, we drove the very few blocks to the Albuquerque Botanical Gardens to see what was in bloom.

What is this tiny plant going to be?
Can I throw them a penny? "NO!"
Smells good in here!
How fast can I run down this ramp?

Yikes! Everything in here pricks you!
I'm WAITING for you!
What's a "Curandera?"
 Eliza was very taken with this sculpture and spent quite a bit of time exploring what she could reach with her hands.
Kathie wondering in what direction Eliza has now run.

Eliza is now trotting ahead with her arms crossed and her "meany face" firmly in place because I wouldn't let her pick up some bird poop.


"The Rescue" by renowned sculptor, Glenna Goodacre, captivated Eliza and her anger is forgotten.  Not able to drag her away, Kathie stayed with her while I was dispatched to get Eliza a drink.  We spent the next thirty minutes with Eliza comforting the bronze little girl at the base of the tree whom Eliza assumed owned the imperiled cat.

Return of the "meany face" as Eliza is warned we are leaving in 5 minutes.

And a very happy birthday to my daughter Alethea (mother of Eliza) who is reluctantly sharing Eliza with her grandparents while she is on mandated bed rest until the birth of the twins she and her husband, Tim, are expecting any day.


  1. We went there almost every week when Gwen and Nate were that age. They still love going although we only get down there a few times a year. It is one of Gwen's favorite places to use her camera.

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