Monday, April 13, 2015

How Close Is To Close -- To An Alligator?

For Holy Week I traveled to New Orleans with a group of teenaged girls and two other adults on Pilgrimage.  In addition to visiting many religious sites, we made a trip into the swamps to learn about tidal basin ecology as part of our responsibility as Christians to be stewards of creation.  It (blessedly) was a cool cloudy day and all the creatures of the swamp where quite active...except the mosquitoes which did not seem to be much of a problem even to Pat.  Pat swears that mosquitoes come from miles away just to bite her!  Here is a little photo tour for you...
A Fairy House? want to see alligators?

Ummm!  Don't get so close!
Don't Turn Your Back to Him!
Ladies, really, I think they can jump at least three feet!

Oh, phew, he is moving away.  But there is still lots to see...

Hey, we have thistles in New Mexico too!
But no Spanish Moss
Oh dear, these guys are everywhere!


  1. Beautiful! Aren't alligators amazing? I saw my first one live in the wild a couple of summers ago in South Carolina. I love Spanish moss ... there's lots of it in the SC low country. Looks like a great trip you had!

    1. Yes, they are very interesting. I purchased a book for my almost three year old granddaughter from which I learned all about the predators that eat baby alligators. This depradation is mitigated by the 30-40 eggs that a mother alligator lays in the spring time. We did not see any of the babies, but maybe it was too early for them to have hatched.


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