Sunday, April 19, 2015

Waterfalls-Some recent works.

Currently, I am trying to master painting moving water in watercolor.  My daughter, when seeing some of my paintings, suggested we make the short trip to Fish Creeks Falls, just outside of Steamboat Springs.  We packed a picnic lunch, drove up the mountain, unloaded Eliza and Walter (the dog) and gingerly made our way down a rather steep trail to the bottom of the falls.
"Gingerly" because my daughter had just the day before been released from bedrest, but told to "take it easy" by her doctor as she had made it to 37 weeks in a high risk pregnancy with twins.
Taking the easy trail back to the car
 The next day, Alethea stayed in bed, Eliza took a rare nap at preschool, and I worked on some paintings of waterfalls that I had begun before our little outing.
"Logjam" is a bit more abstract than my normal style, but I like the upper falls.
"Cascade" is a little more colorful than I had planned, but I liked the pallette so much that I painted the forest scene below using similar colors.
 In the next painting, I took some photos of the progress of the painting to show you how the work evolved.
Blocking in the main elements.  After this I covered the white areas with masking fluid before working on the water.
Here I have rubbed off the masking fluid and added some stronger blues to the water.
Here the painting is almost done, but I think I will go back and tone down the brown in the tree on the left with a wash of purple.  It seems to draw too much attention to itself when the movement of the water is where I want  the focus of the painting to be. 
 Tomorrow we will meet "da brudders",  Eliza's names for her baby brothers.  Alethea will have a C-section the morning.  I expect that I will be too busy to paint Fish Creek Falls anytime soon, but I have a lot of reference photos to work from and hope to return to do a little plein air painting before the snow flies next fall.


  1. Your paintings are beautiful. Congratulations on new grandchildren. I am chomping at the bit to have one but obviously I can't do it myself and so far - no cooperation. Enjoy those babies.

  2. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.


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