Sunday, July 15, 2012

One of These Things is not like the Other-Part Two

Another striking difference between a small Alaskan town and big bad Albuquerque is the lack of a police force.  In fact there is not even one police officer in Gustavus.  Everyone's doors are left unlocked.  Car keys are left hanging on the radio antenna's in case someone might need to borrow the vehicle.  One potter displays her wares in a gazebo.

If you wish to purchase something such as a beautiful blue glazed bowl....
 You just fill out a sales receipt and leave the money.
Handy calculator on the counter in case your math skills leave something to be desired.
No shop keepers in Albuquerque would leave merchandise unsupervised, much less cash! And I cannot imagine anyone leaving their car keys handy in Albuquerque, because the "borrower" might be driving that car across the border or to a "chop shop" within a few minutes. I was at the park the other day and two young men, spotting my car with all the windows down (to keep it cool so the twin's car seats would not get hot) pulled over to check it out.  Seeing me walking towards them, they peeled out!  NOT a good idea to leave a car unsecured in Albuquerque.

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