Sunday, July 8, 2012

Painting flowers

While we were in Alaska, I shot a few photos of tulips, thinking I might want to paint them.  Georgia O'Keeffe always painted flowers in a very large format. 

Painting by Georgia O'Keeffe

"O'Keeffe's interest in the scale of transcendence let her to violate certain boundaries. Not only did she make the large small and the small large, but she took serious chances with color, sometimes upsetting conventions of visual harmony in order to startle the eye into new kinds of seeing. She liked to stress visual edges that have metaphysical implications: between night and day, earth and sky, life and death." via

Perhaps it might be fun to do the same with a tulip from Alaska?  I rarely work from photos, but it would stretch my comfort level to try something new...however, not this month as I am hosting my daughter and her twins, who are taking all my time.  They both love my watercolor paints and have covered the few empty spaces on my walls with their masterpieces.  They are three and very uninhibited in their color choices!  Unfortunately there are no photos to show you, since I left the cord to upload photos to my computer at my other daughter's house in Colorado when we made a brief trip north to meet the newest granddaughter, so no pictures that I took of Eliza either!

Here are a few that Alethea took, however...
Cousin love!
 Who cares about working when there are grandchildren to love?

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