Thursday, October 24, 2013


Did you read comic books as a child?  My parents banned comics except for road trips.  Since we took a lot of road trips, I, fortunately, read a lot of comics!  My favorites were super hero themed although I also like the Archie comics.  Since I loved comics, it was with delight, years ago that I met Nathan Butler, a comic book illustrator.

Nathan spent many years drawing for Disney, and many of the comic book publishers, but when he married my friend, Susan, he became active in Christian ministry, singing in the choir, teaching Sunday School and sharing his artistic gift in Bible story telling  while drawing them.  At some point Nathan felt the Lord was calling him share the Word of God with the wider world. At first, he looked for publishers to help him print and disseminate comic books based on the Bible.  It quickly became apparent, however, that cultural norms were preventing the most effective message from being shared, so Nathan began to train artists in various countries to write and draw the comics themselves.

On Saturday evening, Nathan will be sharing stories of his ministry.  If you are in Albuquerque your presence and possible financial support would be a blessing to this highly effective evangelism effort.

Nathan is hoping to be able to expand the ministry into several new areas...

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  1. It's interesting that you say you read them on road trips. I don't remember reading comic books as a kid but it does bring back memory of driving through Monument Valley with my family. I was probably eight years old. The Native American kids would herd their sheep into the road and ask for quarters. We had comic books in back of the station wagon and when they saw those, they REALLY wanted those. We passed them over, they moved their flock and we were on our way.


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