Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Concerts on the San Juan River

The San Juan River is lovely in October.   Very cold at night, but in the high sixties in the day time. The trees are turning and the skies are a brilliant blue.  
 Spending time with friends on the river is always wonderful, but on this most recent of my river adventures, we had a group of musicians with us...
Richard on the left, Al in the middle and Mike on the left

 Almost everyone (not me) on the trip had beautiful voices and the campfire concerts were truly wonderful.  Although the coyotes....
 did not choose to join us, they apparently felt raising their voices in song at 2:00 a.m. would be a joyful reprise.

Which woke up the geese who joined into the cacophany, and if it had not been too cold, I would have added my ululation to the group, but instead snuggled back under my two sleeping bags and gave thanks for this opportunity to be so close to God's creation.
And for my friend Steve over at An Urban Cottage, a little reminder of his childhood visits to Monument Valley...

Sadly, there were no small Navajo children herding sheep as it was a school day when we took off the river.  

The food was not too shabby either!
Appetizer of salmon salad, french bread, nuts, and homegrown zucchini
Grilled Salmon & Vegetable kabobs accompanied by homegrown tomatoes made into a Caprese salad...all flown in with the permit holders from their home in Alaska.

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