Thursday, April 24, 2014

Painting in Grand Canyon - Day Four

In the press of getting ready for Easter and several dinner parties, I put away the painting journal I kept in the Grand Canyon and then could not remember where I had stashed it!  Today, I came across it in a pile of not yet finished paintings, so now I can continue to share our recent trip for those of you who might be interested.   If you find these posts to be "boring!" as my girls used to say when teens, just click away to your next blog.  I will never know and hence cannot have my feelings hurt!

Day Four was a lay-over day which meant that we stayed put, so there was time to explore some sites with prehistoric rock art, look at and paint some cactus and watch more intrepid hikers scramble up very exposed cliffs to see some ancient Anasazi ruins.


The Journal paintings.
Betsy, getting much better photographs than mine!

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