Thursday, April 3, 2014

Painting in the Grand Canyon - Day Three

We move camp on day three and I am reminded that it is still winter.  I really would be more comfortable with two layers of fleece under the dry suit!  We travel twenty miles today. 

Two real and one reflected.

Oh no, Butch and passenger, Tony, look as though they are heading into the hole.

Nope they just glide on by on the right!
Not a good spot for a kayak or a raft!
Late afternoon and the sun is dropping lower in the sky.

We all are now hoping the camp spot is just ahead.

South Canyon just ahead...our home for tonight and the next.
Glad that I am not cooking tonight.  Quick sketch of our camp kitchen. My model, Butch kept moving and then dinner was ready, so this is not finished.  As you can see the tablecloth was more cooperative.  I, fortunately did not see or smell the skunk who visited in the night.

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