Sunday, February 2, 2014

Partial to Painting Flowers...Theresa Johnson, Artist

Sometimes life hands you a little gift you did not expect.   My friend, Joanne Allen invited me to La Vida Llena to see an retrospective art show of her mother's paintings.  I went because I love Joanne and want to encourage her own artistic talent, but was not expecting much since I knew that Joanne's mother, Theresa was a amateur artist who had begun painting in her 70's.   Surprisingly I was enchanted with both Theresa's work and with the stories that her loving husband, Norm, shared about her.   What a talent to discover so late in her life.  Her work is vibrant and joyous.  Theresa died almost three years ago, but she what a colorful a legacy she left her family and friends...take a look.

Norman and Theresa Johnson when they were courting

Although she did not sell her work, everything was carefully framed and there are over two hundred paintings in the body of work she created in the last two decades of her life.  She won numerous ribbons in shows as well. 

When she was not painting her vibrant flowers, she also created a world of architectural memories of her husband's home town and the places they visited.

 Would you not agree that it is never too late to take up painting if that is what you have always wanted to do?  Go ahead, pick up some brushes, paper and paint and give it a try!

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  1. These are beautifully executed! And, you're right; it's never too late.


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