Monday, February 10, 2014

Passionate about Orchids

We had a fabulous time during our three weeks in Costa Rica thanks to Jane and Fraser Tyrrell of Costa Rica Rios.  This is the third year that they have arranged our travel in Costa Rica.  Our adrenaline junkie husbands love the boating and would spend every single day on the river, but some of us took the opportunity to spend some time getting to know a little of the normal every day life of the wonderful people of the country.

In a country where orchids grow wild everywhere, folks still take them very seriously.   We were privileged to visit the private home of a man who has spent most of his life collecting and propagating orchids.  In the tiny village of Sitio Mata is a little bit of the Garden of Eden.

 He has over one hundred varieties of orchids and many more plants of the same variety...sort of a plantation which he grows next to his house. His son-in-law shared that he spends a least four hours a day tending to his prizes.
 Some are so tiny you might overlook them.  Others are flamboyant.

Most of the orchids bloom in May, so we only saw about twenty plants in bloom, but I imagine it must be stunning.

While technically not in the house, Costa Ricans frequently have no walls between their indoor and outdoor spaces, so I think this will count towards Jane's Flowers in the House Party which I am linking to hereHead on over to see some pretty, pretty flowers.  I could show you photos of my own orchids which are blooming a little early this year, but the flash is washing them out.  I had painting class today and forgot to take a picture of them in the natural light.  Will update tomorrow.


  1. thanks for sharing these wonderful orchids in their native habitat. mother raised orchids and always wanted to visit Costa Rica to see them there. she would have loved going with you.

  2. When my Main Man sees this he'll start salivating! We have an abysmal orchid track record, I'm afraid.

  3. Having just come home from a shop filled to the rafters with flowers you would think my eyes would be jaded....but these orchids just sent a shock through my sensory system.

    I bet the tiny blooms had a delicious fragrance. Yes?

    What a treat to see these on this VERY cold winters night.

    xo J

  4. Amazing! Just beautiful...thanks for sharing.

  5. That's so cool. It must be amazing when they're all in full bloom. Do any of them have a scent?

  6. It's so lovely to see orchids "out of the house". Thanks!

  7. Great to see how they grow in nature-thanks for sharing this post!


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