Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pretty in Pink

Building in San Juan, Costa Rica

Valentine's Day came and went and the cards I bought to send to my friends are still in the drawer!   I found that I was drawn to pink instead of red for this holiday, so I did the decorations for Celebrities' Luncheon at St. Mark's in pink and orange.  My friend, Charlotte, who shows up faithfully to help (and covers for me when I travel) was thinking pink as well and brought pink candles and heart shaped doilies to augment what I had made.  We hung paper pinwheels made from wrapping paper and the pink and orange stars that I saved from my daughter's wedding over the tables and then I forgot to take a photo!  The pinwheels had a huge impact for a very little investment in time and money.  Here is a tutorial that I found on the "Honest to Nod" blog that has extremely cute ones...

Photo Via

 however, I used a glue gun instead of staples because of helpful instructions I found here at Green Dream DIY. 
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Because my pinwheels were seen from both sides, I folded my long strips of paper in half horizontally so that both sides had the design before beginning the folds.  I have lots of pink and hot pink cloth napkins which added even more color. 

Perhaps I was inspired by my granddaughter, Eliza's closet...

Is it any wonder that when I asked her father what she might need in the way of new clothes as she has out-grown most of these, he replied..."ANYTHING BUT PINK!"

Sorry that I neglected to take photos of the Celebrities luncheon! You will just have to use your imagination!

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