Thursday, January 26, 2012

Canvas of another sort

My daughter, Camille, The Vintique Object, and her blogging friend, Steve, An Urban Cottage, share a love of renovating and decorating.  While both of them also paint to create works of art (Steve is considering a trip to New Mexico to come and paint with me) they really work more with interiors as their canvas.

Camille and her husband are thinking of buying a house in Albuquerque and have asked my sister, Rosalind and I to take a look at some options.  I am wondering what Camille and Steve would do with this kitchen:
Pass Through to the Family room
Eat in Kitchen
Tray storage over the microwave and look at the ceiling!

So, Camille and Steve, what do you think?  This kitchen shares some similarities to the ones you have recently completed.  What would you do to keep the vintage charm but update and decorate it?


  1. It's not a bad kitchen really but it all looks very white, doesn't it?

    I'd rip out the guts of that column of cabinets where the microwave is and just make that open bookshelves. (Who needs a microwave anyway?) Maybe a cabinet at the bottom for tray storage because that is practical. I'd paint the walls to warm things up a bit. I love the beams on the ceiling but the knotty pine would have to get whitewashed. I do wish the floors were darker but maybe a nice runner would do the trick. Declutter the counters. Add a painting by Heather. And then it would be perfect!

  2. Just home after being away from the house all day. I'd have to think on this a lot longer -- Steve is a quicker planner than me.

    I agree with the darker floor, and I think I'd also want to take out the upper cabinets on either side of the window and add open shelves, -- I know it's a huge trend right now, but I love it, and it would make the window the focal point of the room. Really like that there is enough room for a table too.
    Thanks for going to look, Mom. I see that you sent a ton of pictures over email. Will go look now.

  3. Well, I wasn't invited to comment but I'm crashing the party! I like all of Steve and Camille's ideas but I think the first thing I'd do is replace the counter tops with butcher block. I'd also put a counter high island or table similar to Steve's in place of the breakfast table. In these pictures you don't see the second big window ( opposite the one over the sink) which overlooks the front porch. You could use the island for prep as you watch for your guests arriving for dinner or kids home from school, also as a buffet space and with stools for the girls to eat.

  4. Heather, not sure what's going on with your commenting problem. Thought I would revisit to see if I have the same problem. I've seen a lot of comments (complaints) from people saying they can't comment at times.

    I like Rosalind's idea of the higher island. It could be something that's really unique that becomes the focal point of the room. A nice old rustic piece painted in a bright color. Camille, if you want to make the window the focal point, you're have to change that window to something that's nicer. Butcher block counters would be nice too.


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