Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Playing with the Big Girls

And what do you ask, does this post have to do with painting?  Well, two things.

1. Sometimes I find things to do to keep from having to admit my painting is not going well, or to keep from having to frame something...shudder! ... like playing bridge with an incredible group of women who allow younger (very relatively speaking) and less experienced (meaning cannot play well at all!) for women to join them.

Judy shares a story about catching a porcupine
2.  Most of these women, all of them retired and two of whom are in their nineties, have wide ranging interests, remain vital, active, and involved in their church communities, and have very active social lives while maintaining beautiful homes that are filled with artwork.

  In this home, you feel like you are both in an art gallery and also living part of New Mexico's history, since many of the artworks are from well-known artists who lived and worked in the last century.
Painting of the Taos Gorge 

Most New Mexico artists paint this stunningly beautiful location, myself included.  Two that I have painted of a similar scene were recently sold before I could take a photo of them, so I cannot show you what my interpretation looked like.  Aren't the colors wonderful in this painting?

Another lovely painting of a New Mexico landscape on the wall behind Marge (in turquoise) who hosted this bridge party.


Jan and Eve

Marge and Molly

Can you guess which two are in their nineties?  Not that I am going to tell you.  They can brag about it if they like, but I was taught not to reveal a lady's age.  But I will tell you that you would probably guess wrongly.  How can I fear getting older when I have these women as role models?

And just to round out the post on incredible women, here is a picture of my ninety-four year old Mom, Rose Lee on the left and my husband's ninety-three year old mother, Dorothy on the right, enjoying looking at pictures of their shared great-grandchildren on my mother-in-law's IPad which she insisted she did not want. When we bought her an IPad anyway, she now spends several hours a day on it  keeping in touch with her friends and family by email and checking in on the blogs of her various grandchildren  Think I should teach Dorothy how to set up and maintain her own blog?
Computer Geeks at ages 93 & 94

In you have an incredible older woman in your life, send me a short comment about her!  For those of my friends new to blogging, you go to the bottom of this post, click in the comments box, and type your comment in that space.  Then in the box "comment as," choose something and click on it.  Then go down and hit "publish" or if you want to look at it again "preview".  Don't forget to hit "publish" again before you quit! Many of you are sending me separate emails to make comments.  That is fine, if you prefer, but you can do it right here as well.  Just remember not to use your last name as these will be seen by all of the folks invited to read my blog. If you wish to remain anonymous, you may do that as well.

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  1. Just a couple of minor corrections: Rose Lee is on the right in the last picture and Dorothy on the left. And I think we only have one lady in her ninetys. bur you are absolutely right about us "kids" having dynamite role models.

    Other women who were wonder models in my youth were Ethel and Florence--high power sisters who taught me, purely by example--no preaching, that women are capable of lots more than housewifing. Ethel was Undersecretary of the Treasury and Ethel was Consul General of the International Monetary Fund. And this was in the late 50's!


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