Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hanging a Show

I am excited to to be able to introduce some friends of mine who are also artists.  Here are two of them as we hung a new show at St. Mark's Sacred Arts Gallery,,

Celia Southwick
Celia has been rafting for many years and is considered the Queen Mentor for young women who are just beginning to get into boating.  She has been taking photographs for years, but this is her first public showing of her work.  She and her husband, Robert (see his work in another post) travel most of the year, usually finding an exciting river to run, whether in the States or in more exotic locals like Indonesia.  Celia usually rows her own raft  and has photographed most of the flora for a book on wildflowers in the Grand Canyon on her multiple trips on the Colorado River.

Betsy Butler  

Betsy's lovely southern manners and accent belie just how tough she is.  Betsy kayaks, canoes, and rows a raft.  She and her late husband, Joe Butler have also spent a lot of time exploring the wild and scenic rivers of the West.  Betsy's stunning photography has documented those trips and she is generously sharing them in this show.


  1. What I wanT to know: How did Steve know about your blog before your own sister did?

    To other readers: I had a preview of this show as it was being hung. The pictures are all stunning. Almost (but not quite) makes me want to try a trip on The Grand.

  2. I would love to be able to see these in person. Will you contribute your own work too?


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