Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Yikes, Better Get Crackin'

Unfinished Oils
Some many paintings to finish before the Friday Artist's Reception,  so few daylight hours, and it snowed today which doesn't help with the drying time!  Help!  Let me know which three of these you like the best and I will try to only work on them.  How do you let me know?  Scroll down to the bottom and you will see tiny little box that says "Comments".  Click on that and a larger box will open up.  Click in that larger box and you will be able to type a comment. 

And just where did that expression "get crackin'" come from anyway?  Click here to view information about the Reception

You will notice that the painting comes around the side of the canvas.  This is me cheating just a little.
Painting the edges
Most of the canvasses you buy in bulk actually are not exactly true to size, which means custom framing.  Translate that into big $$$$$.  If the edges are painted they can be hung without a frame.  Of course this only works in a very modern space.  A traditional home would call for a good looking wood or even an ornate gold frame.  Still I certainly cannot get these framed before Friday, so this is the alternative.

Floating a flat section of the Yampa

Fall in the Grand Canyon

Almost Winter
Technicolor Rocks

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  1. I vote for Almost Winter and Fall in the Grand Canyon


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