Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Creating or Just Chilling?

Betsy Butler -angling for the best shot by walking on water?
River time can be deceptive.  On "layover" days (a day when you do not pack up your sleeping bag, tent, your kitchen, your groover (if you don't know that word, aren't you lucky!) and all the assorted items you have taken off the boat,  it appears that time will stretch forever.  However on a winter trips in the Grand Canyon, you really only have to about 3:00 p.m. in most camps before the sun drops below the canyon wall, you lose your light, and it starts to get really cold.  The Southwicks provided these photos.

JoAnne Allen hard at work & Betsy captures the moment below...

JoAnne - happy to be painting on the river
JoAnne carries her watercolors and paper in a dry bag (at her feet) while on the boat to keep everything from getting wet while going through rapids.  JoAnne's bag is designed to carry clothes and other gear, but it is not a perfect shape for packing art supplies.  My dear friend, Eileen Weidner, a river ranger with the Bureau of Land Management, gave me a flat one that perfectly fits my largest pads of watercolor paper.  Would love to find a source for this size and shape to give to all my artist friends who also love to boat.
Betsy - just chilling
Robert Southwick - letting the dog captain the inflatable kayak

Creating and Chillin'

Heather Gaume-Photo is not too flattering with several layers on underneath and hair that badly needs washing.
Notice the color of the water in the photo above.  Think it might be good for washing hair?

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  1. Is this whitewater watercolor classes? I'm not sure if it's work or fun!


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