Saturday, January 7, 2012

Chaos in the Studio

On Friday, I visited a house for sale in Albuquerque.  The owner of the house, Tonya Joy, is a jewelry artist.  She sells her work at Her studio above was such a contrast to mine!  Admittedly, her house in on the market, and she is not currently getting ready for a show...but still... mine is really a mess as you can see below.

Tanya's Work Table

Tanya's work desk and mine below...

Are we all thinking I need to make a New Year's Resolution?  Well, maybe not.  Methinks I am too old to change my work habits, but it is nice to know that art can be created in a tidy orderly manner even if I don't work that way!  Folks in Albuquerque can visit the Sacred Arts gallery at St. Marks on the Mesa, 431 Richmond NE, 87106,, to see my watercolors and those of six of my artist friends on display.


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  1. I think a studio should be messy. Yours is perfect!


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