Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Christian Garcia at the Helm

After a week of sailing on our own, it was time to venture outside of the reef that protects many of the islands and the shoreline of Belize.  Belize requires that boats rented in Belize that sail outside the reef hire a local skipper to safely pilot the boat on the open ocean.  We had the great good fortune to be assigned Christian Garcia, a delightful guide to all things in the marine environment.

So...Captain Rip went from this location:

Captain Rip at the Helm

To taking it easy on the deck!

Having Christian on board also meant that he knew where we could gather conch, which he then made into the most delicious fritters!  If we had asked, he would have cooked for us most evenings as well as making arrangements for diving, finding extra provisions when we ran low, and charming everyone with whom he came into contact.
Chris, ferrying the scuba team to the dive boat.  On his return, he took the rest of us snorkeling or to shore to explore the islands where we moored each night.  

After a long day

Not long after sunset, tired from exploring, diving, snorkeling or sailing, we all retired to our cabins to be rocked gently to sleep by the ocean swells...

One of four double bed cabins.  There were also two single berths in the forward hulls.

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  1. I've loved looking at your trip pics, Mom. Looks fun, relaxing, comfortable, beautiful. Glad to hear you had a good time.


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