Monday, February 27, 2012

Flowers in the House

Stock cut with the stems cut short and arranged in a silver wine bottle holder using a frog, and two pots of tulips, all from Trader Joe's
Today I am linking to Small But Charming for Jane's Monday "Flowers in the House" party.  I am cheating a little because I am also including some photos of the flowers on my recent trip to Belize which were not in houses, but in various other places.  To begin, above are the most recent flowers in my house.  Trader Joe's is the closest place to my house where I can buy flowers...which must be purchased this time of year at my house since there is still snow on the ground.  But honestly, I think I would drive right past other shops to get to the Trader Joe's store because they have such a nice selection of flowers at prices that cannot be beat in Albuquerque. 

Too cold for tulips!  Not to mention that the ground squirrels dig them all up. 

These flowers were purchased because I hosted a Vestry Retreat for the St. Mark's vestry on Saturday.  My Mama always used flowers when entertaining, and although I never need an excuse to have flowers in the house, I never have a party without flowers.

And just for a little contrast here are some flowers from Belize:
At a restaurant.
Arranged in a slice of bamboo to echo the chairs made of bamboo.
New Mexico grown orchid at my house
Rare black orchid grown by Belize poet who shared this with me when he saw I was taking photographs of flowers near his home.


  1. Trader Joe's is getting a good rap today on FITH.

    Love your stock in the wine bottle holder, clever, and am head over heels for that black orchid.

    Nice trip:-)

    xo jane

  2. Yes, Trader Joe's has been reliably stocking a few houses with flowers this week! What a lovely arrangement, and the white stock is quite stunning. The Belize flowers are lovely, too, and makes me feel so nice and warm just looking at them.

    1. Thanks Sharon, I enjoyed your post on composting as well. Our soil on our New Mexico mountainside is decomposed granite which needs a lot of organic matter to grow anything other than cactus or chamisa.


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