Saturday, February 4, 2012

Flowers everywhere you look!

Like my daughter, Camille, who posts about floral design on Fridays at The Vintique Object,  I have been in love with flowers and gardening all of my life.   I confess that I have no training what-so-ever, unlike Camille who approaches every design project in an analytical, organized fashion, including going to school to learn how to do what she loves.  I just dive in with energy and enthusiasm.   Sometimes it works, sometimes not!  However, lots of friends request some assistance with their flowers for wedding, special occasions, etc. 

I am thinking how different my floral designs would have to be here with the very interesting foliage and flowers that grow in this tropical place.
Against an orange wall.  The people of Belize paint their houses the most amazing shades!  

My Favorite Color

My New Favorite Color
See how the colors of the buildings echo the flowers and foliage.  I especially love this sculptural palm.  Wouldn't Steve's "Paz" amaryllis look right at home here? Click here to go to Steve's post:  An Urban Cottage  
These seeds are not too tasty looking.
Regrettably, there is no photo of the very large boa constrictor who was frightened by the staff when they tried to rescue a squirrel from him/her?  He/she retreated to the top of the staircase outside our room and Norm was advised not to attempt to reach the room "right now".  Since we were late for a diving excursion, he ignored that advice and thankfully the boa ignored him as well!


  1. I have a few neighborhood squirrels I'd be willing to ship the poor hungry boa.

    Beautiful flowers! I love your new favorite color too.

  2. Ooo, I'd have a ball arranging all those gorgeous flowers, but might be a tad shy to pick them after reading about the boa.

  3. I was thinking how much your pictures reminded me of Troncones--flowers and palms--until you got to the boa! Glad to see you're coming around to "my" color.


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