Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Belize, Here we come!

Taking off from the Belize city airport.   
Above the Sunset

One of the passengers, a Belize resident, on the small ten-seat commuter plane told us that what looked like rice paddies below us were really shrimp farms. As we got closer to Placencia, we began to see lots of orange groves as well.

 A Short wait for our ride to Robert's Grove Resort

On arriving at Robert's Grove we were handed a refreshing drink of blended pineapple,orange, and coconut juices garnished with a slice of lime carved to look like a sea "easy to do" little umbrellas here! I will try to order another before we leave because I greedily gulped it down without thinking to take a photo.

Our luggage was delivered to our room while we were given a tour of the facility:
Bar at the end of the Pier

Seaside Pool

Welcoming Vignette
The pile of diving gear and carry-on luggage marred the lovely room setting. By now, I had recovered from the stress of traveling to a foreign country with my type "A" husband, and hustled around moving our stuff out the way so I could take some photos to share with you.

Flowers Everywhere!

Coffee for the early morning.

Beach towels transformed into swans.

Off now to take some photos of the incredible flora and fauna of this place while Norm is taking a diving refresher course.  I will be learning to snorkel with my own instructor on his boat trip to re-new his certification tomorrow.  Next Post:  The Flora and Fauna of Belize

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  1. Looks amazing! I hope you all have a great time and be safe on your sailing trip.
    Love you!


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