Thursday, February 23, 2012

What is the very best color for a house? Part One

Belize folks are clearly in love with color.  Maybe they take their cue from the color of the skies.

Below you will find photos of some of my favorite houses.  Quirky, charming, and sometimes just outrageous, they make you want to knock on the door and ask to be invited into such a colorful existence.  The first batch are along a canal on the bay side of Placencia and I believe were built primarily after the last hurricane.  Who says Venice has a lock on beautiful canals?
Beige with Turquoise, red, and peach? trim

The most modest house on the canal, both in color and size.

Yellow and white with red trim
Again, red, yellow (in an ochre shade), and, there it is again, peach in the stone facing.

And why not throw in green glass tiles with our turqoise, red and ochre?  Then two more red and yellow houses, ending with a robin's egg blue one. 
This one is for sale.  A mere $599,000.  Is that Belize or US dollars?  If it is Belize, I just might be able to swing it (along with about twenty of my closest friends.)  Can we all say "Time Share?"


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  1. Marvelous! Thanks so much. I feel like I've just taken a stroll down the street next to the canal! EJ


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