Thursday, March 1, 2012

Planning Ahead

Planning ahead is not a notable strong suit in our family.  Well, we do plan, but then we change those plans a hundred times.  However, Brittany and I are making some preparations for a party in April and we decided we must take cuttings from my succulents to create favors for a woodland theme.  We would need some potting soil for succulents, and a container.

Ignore the two Kahlua bottles in the background, (was cleaning out the liquor cabinet and combining two half empty bottles left over from Christmas truffles) as far as I know, succulents do not care for Kahlua. Although I understand you can keep your bulbs from getting leggy with alcohol.  Steve at An Urban Cottage has a post about that sometime back in December. 
From the internet we learned that you don't even need rooting powder, just snip those babies off and stick them into the soil.

Brittany, wielding the knife

Ten minutes later we were done.....

Add a little water...not too much, these are succulents!

Hmmm...needs a little something more.

Maybe add a lovely rock that a young friend, Talia, picked up while gathering greens for Advent wreaths back in late November and gifted to me?

Nursery location on an antique washstand with a marble top in a south window.  Watering spills easily handled!  Now a few prayers for growth please!

For a lovely idea for a plant stand for succulents go to Camille's post "Good ideas" today at The Vintique Object


  1. I know this method works very well with jade plants so I think you're good.

    Kalua is best kept for the gardeners.

    1. I save some for you when you come for the Balloon fiesta!

  2. Wow, you really are planning ahead! It's a pretty looking pot!


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