Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pretty Pathway Update

Here you will find the link to the original post From Here to There and below you will see a little of the progress we have made on Brittany's landscape improvements.


Some Progress

Now we are waiting for Kyle's river rocks to complete the hard scape.  Hopefully this weekend, Colin will have time to transport them from Kyle's future garden spot.  After the rocks are in place, we will be planting the edges and some thyme in between the pavings stones to soften the hard edges, and soon we hope it will look a bit more like a combination of this...
Off-set stones & river rock
And this - with its lovely plantings

It’s March 14, otherwise known as 3.14 or Pi Day.  ANY excuse to eat pie, even one as silly and fabricated as this one, works for me. "Let Them Eat Pie"

 Or so says my husband who read the above article online and insisted I make a it is, with a lot of help from Brittany, who happened to have a lemon in her purse (don't ask!) which eked out the one I had in the fruit bowl. 
We also did not have any gingersnaps for which the recipe specified, so we used crushed graham crackers and a little ginger powder for the crust.
No whipped cream either...oh well.

From a recipe "Lemon Cream Pie" in Real Simple Magazine
Happy Pi Day

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  1. That image of the offset stones and rick rocks is wonderful. Great inspiration.


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