Monday, March 19, 2012

A Tiny Taste of Morocco

Last week for my birthday, we did indeed dine at the Kasbah Mediterranean, located on the fringes of that very hip Nob Hill area in Albuquerque.

It was just enough to transport me to another time and place. While the ambiance could use some work, a trickling fountain dampened the Moroccan music just enough.  There were touches of decor here and there.

Me, wishing these columns were painted on the wall.

But I must admit, the set designer in me was busy, busy, mentally adding more colorful walls, some mosaic tile and more faux archways and columns.   Some built-in banquettes with colorful pillows along two of the walls with low tables, a Moroccan rug and some of those great leather ottomans or camel saddle seats would add a great deal as well.

However, our waitress was beautiful and reminded me of the stunning Moroccan nanny, Barka that my parents engaged when we lived in Rabat.  Although Barka (whose husband was a resistance fighter in the war for independence from France),
Me on the left, Barka, center, and Rusty, my younger brother. We were standing on the second step Barka is standing on the ground.
from the Berber tribe was statuesque at 6' 2" and this young waitress was considerably more petite, she had lovely dark hair with sloe eyes.  You could easily imagine her in gauzy pants, babouches (shoes), bangle bracelets, and hennaed hands.

Of course, when you dine out the food is of paramount interest, and the Kasbah Mediterranean does that perfectly.  My sister ordered the King's Bastilla
I had the Chicken Tangine
Norm had the lamb Tangine
And Brit ordered two appetizers
Everything was absolutely wonderful.  Norm enjoyed the lamb so much that he returned the next day and ordered it as take-out for a treat for his Mom who needs very tender dishes since she is undergoing some dental work.

And here is a photo to prove the donkeys from a former post, A Necklace of Days were a bit flea bitten.
Left-Rosalind on the back, Not sure who either of the blond children are,  Center-?, Right- Me

 If you cannot travel to Morocco, but do get to Albuquerque, put the Kasbah Mediterranean on your bucket list.

Finally, please visit another great blog, I Hate to Alarm You to see a post about another Moroccan restaurant in the real Marrakesh.  "I Hate to Alarm You" has regular Monday posts of "an image of an interior that reminds me of a work of art either in its palette, composition or mood" says the author, Nicole Bourgea.  As a working artist myself,  I enjoy this blog so much that I have subscribed to it.


  1. The food looks amazing. I've got my eyes on those chick peas next to Norm's lamb.

    Thank you for the recommendation of a new blog. It looks like something I would enjoy and I see a few familiar faces among the followers.

  2. Mom, wish I could have been there to help you celebrate. I love seeing these old photos from Morocco!

  3. I've always wanted to visit Morocco. How amazing that you were able to live there! Thank you for the I Hate to Alarm You shout-out :)


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