Thursday, March 15, 2012

Where Is That Portkey?

A Portkey is an object which has been enchanted to instantly bring anyone who touches it to a specific location. Most of the time, a Portkey is an everyday object that would not draw the attention of a Muggle. Traveling by Portkey is said to feel like having a hook "somewhere behind the navel" pulling the traveler to their location.

More Harry Potter Planning.  Not a fan?  Skip this post!

Harry Potter Camp is scheduled at the Muggle Camp Stoney outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico from June 10 to 16.  For more information about registration, click here Camp Stoney
Chamber of Secrets-This book will be used to plan the events at the Elementary & Junior High Camp. 
"He was standing at the end of a long, dimly lit chamber. Towering stone pillars entwined with more serpents, rose to a ceiling lost in darkness, casting long, black shadows through the odd, greenish gloom that filled the place"
—Description of the chamber
The Senior High Camp will use the Deathly Hallows for its themes and activities.

Some magical fun will happen in the Arts and Crafts building.  Ideas under consideration are:

Golden Snitch Pendant

Beaded Spider & Web
Felt Owl-(This one is crepe paper, but felt would be more durable)
Or Pine cone owl

Rolled Paper Wand that illuminates

Wand Care Box
Large beaded spider
Stay tuned to this blog for more Harry Potter Camp Planning.

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  1. Pebble's original due date is June 16th! Hope s/he doesn't come early!!!


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