Sunday, March 25, 2012

How many things can you cram into 28 hours, Part One

Eat BBQ....check
Visit almost lifelong friend...check
Sleep in Hotel...not too long or too well...check
Visit Austin's Botanical Gardens...check

The Botanical Gardens include a lovely Japanese garden:
Path inspiration
Angular stone lantern taken over by a bird nesting

Mill stone as garden object.
Bench so you may sit and watch the water reflections.

Japanese gardens usually incorporate a small bridge and sure enough!
A Swedish Cabin, School House & Blacksmith Shop

Child's bed and cradle next the fire.  The parents froze in the loft!

No desks for the students!

Modern Apprentice (foreground) learning from young Master Blacksmith in camouflage.

In the children's garden this whimsical dinosaur that is being replanted after hard winter freeze damage.

 And the azaleas were in bloom.
Stacked rock wall planter.
Have lunch?  Waste of time when there are still a few hours left to see things....check in tomorrow for Part Two.

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