Friday, March 16, 2012

My Husbands OTHER Love.

Norm has returned from his trip to Costa Rica where he canoed some of the wild and scenic rivers of this lush country.  His trip was facilitated by Costa Rica Rios.  Norm couldn't say enough nice things about this company.  Friendly owners, great guides, good food, nice lodgings.  Check out their website.  I am going with him next year.  Hope some of our friends will join us.


And rode the zip line through the jungle.

Chilled with fun folks

 Avoided some big rocks.

Waterfalls were a big hit.

Viewed the wildlife.

Dined on lots of fruit.

Rested either here at Costa Rica Rio's Bed and Breakfast or 
At the river camp.  THAT'S A RIVER CAMP?  We could learn a thing or two from Costa Rico.

When folks ask me, "Where is Norm?"  I can pretty much always say, "On the river."

And who could disagree the "on the river" is a great place?
So my wish for Norm:  "May the run-off be good this year, Darling."

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