Wednesday, March 21, 2012

28 Hours in Austin, Texas

Tuesday morning Norm and I boarded a plane for Austin.   Norm was part of a team of folks from New Mexico who attended the 2012 Texas/New Mexico Rio Grande Compact Meeting.

After arriving we headed downtown and stopped off for a late lunch at the iconic Stubb's BBQ
Stubbs...a few blocks from the Texas State Capital

  The Bar-B-Q
"I guarantee you one thing, you ain’t gonna cook no better than I can. Another thing, you’re not gonna love people no better than I can."
Mr. Stubblefield at the grill
 Remind me next time I visit Austin to split a plate with someone.  Loaded down with brisket, chicken, coleslaw, and macaroni and cheese, I could hardly move for the rest of a very busy day.  Sadly, we sat on the patio, and missed the exhibit inside of 'Selected Works by Dennis Hopper." This fact, I found on the restaurant's website when I was looking for the above link.   Especially sad, since an old friend of mine,  from when we lived in Santa Fe, had briefly been married to Dennis and has a daughter with him. 

 Norm headed off for meetings, and my dear friend Carolyn picked me up at the hotel for a festive evening of Chicken and Dumplings, her husband, Dick's specialty and a birthday celebration for Dick's brother.  Both men are musicians so the evening ended with an impromptu concert.

It was my first visit to this house of Carolyn's in Austin although we both lived there years ago.  I think you might like to see a few bad photos of a cute house.
Guest room with wonderful brass beds and corner windows on both sides.

Table extended to seat eleven had to be turned diagonally.
Love this painting of hollyhocks.

And this lovely nude.
And these vivid floral watercolors in the dining room.
Next post...less eating and more sightseeing!

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