Friday, March 23, 2012

Dalí on Youth: "The problem with the youth of today is that one is no longer part of it."

Archer Dougherty
Even as we grow older and more experienced, the younger generation is  following fast on our heels and bringing fresh ideas to the art world.    Today, I would like to introduce a  young artist, Archer Dougherty.  Archer attended the Christian formation programs I worked in at St. Mark's on the Mesa when she was a child.   She showed early promise as a creative person, although I remember mostly her acting and musical talents.
She has become something of a celeb in our art community with her work being shown worldwide and gaining an audience on the web as well.  Here is a look at some of her work.
Part of a the show "Menagerie" at Modern Eden Gallery
 Read more about the Menagerie Show here: HiFructose Magazine

Archer was the Featured Artist for March at Circus Posterus

This is how they describe Archer and her artwork:

"Archer Dougherty is a multi-media artist creating and focusing her POP surrealistic visions around female central themes that deal with transformation and the portrayal of the inner journey. Her dreamlike characters sometimes whimsical others complex and deep…Are no longer children and not quite adults navigating their way through the labyrinth of internal demons and the outer world of demanding super imposed influences. Her masterful figurative surrealistic narrative paintings and drawings are composed with icons and archaic symbols that deliver a unique visual magnetism that draws the viewer in to Archer’s narrative. Delivered through emotional portrayals, visual theatricality, iconic symbols, animal spirits and symbols of long forgotten childhood toys…All part of her visual symphony expressing transformation."

Work in progress...yes she does sculptures as well.
 If you find her work as intriguing as I do, you can buy something small such as a T-Shirt,  IPhone case or an IPad cover at Zazzle.  If you would like to make a significant art investment, go to her website ArcherArtworks.

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