Saturday, March 31, 2012

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggedy Jog!

 I have just been in Oakland for a few days with my twin granddaughters.  Camille had been frustrated about not being able to work on their room during the approximately 20 minutes a day they are not demanding something or other.  So I flew out to play with them while she made a trip to Ikea and to Home Depot, hung curtains, put together furniture, decided where to hang artwork, weeded out things the girls no longer use, etc.  I am exhausted, but she is energized after getting so much done.  Here is a sneak peek. I am not showing you much because it is Camille's project and and she will soon post about it on her blog The Vintique Object.  I bet Steve at An Urban Cottage will already have imagined exactly how it will look from hints Camille has given about this project.  Can you guess from this partial photo?

Camille adjusting the curtains
One rainy day, we took a trip to the Lawrence Science Museum
Caroline in blue and red and Sara in yellow climbing the whale sculpture
Crossing the stream
L-R Unknown ginger headed cutie who joined our group, Sara, Cooper, Camille, Caroline, and Emery
 Never missing an opportunity to try out the local cuisine, we dined that evening at Pizzaiolo in Oakland.

Sleepy after a long day at the museum.
Is bread all we are going to have?
Is that one ours?
Finally!!!  Ummmmm.

On my return there is so much to do...

Plant the rest of the succulents Brittany and I rooted for favors for a party...
Fourteen done...six to go!

Frame the wonderful wood block prints generously donated by Charlie Aldrich, Aldrich Galleries, for the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday at St. Mark's Episcopal Church.

Wood block prints of the Stations of the Cross

Isn't the face of Simon wonderful?
 Plant my pots for the deck...
Waiting in the Wings

Pick up dowels at Michael's or Hobby Lobby for the banners we are making at the Deanery wide "Walk Through Holy Week." at the hosting church, St. Chad's Episcopal Church.

Clean my very dusty house.  Have I mentioned the SPRING WINDS in New Mexico?

I will not be posting anything else this week as I observe Holy Week.  If you are looking for a place to renew your spirit come and join us at St. Mark's, or visit a place that is sacred to you.

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  1. It was so great to have you, Mom. We all miss you a ton. And I can't thank you enough.


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