Saturday, March 3, 2012

Michief Managed

If you are not a Harry Potter Fan, you might want to skip this post because we are going to talk about potions.  This year, at Camp Stoney's Harry Potter Camp (The Chamber of Secrets), Fr. Christopher McLaren of  St. Mark's on the Mesa will play the part of Professor Snape.  

He will need to practice his sneer, however.

Below are a list of ingredients we might use for kids to mix some edible potions.  Thanks to Britta Peterson who I met online a few years ago when she nicely provided a free copy of her hand drawn Maurader's Map to Camp Stoney.  Subsequently she has opened an Etsy shop and is selling them along with some fantastic potions labels which I intend to purchase for this year.  

Britta's Potions Labels

If you don't know Britta's clever Halloween decor based on life at Hogwarts, you must pay a visit to her website linked above.   There are a lot of cool free labels on the web, but these are great, and I want to repay Britta for her generosity when we were getting the Harry Potter Camp at Camp Stoney up and running.  Below are her ideas for potion ingredients:

          gillywater = white Powerade "Arctic Shatter"

          leech juice = cran-raspberry juice

          elderflower wine = green Powerade "Lemon Lime"

          nettle wine = blue Powerade "Mountain Blast"

          pamplemousse juice = pink grapefruit juice

          pureed Jobberknoll feathers = pineapple juice

          fluxweed juice = dragon fruit Twister

          Aqua Fortis = vodka

          shredded boomslang skin = blue & black edible glitter

          beetle eyes = black sugar crystals

          dried billiwig stings = thin chocolate jimmies

          powdered bicorn horn = powdered sugar

          cut ginger root = cut ginger root

          chopped daisy root = coconut

          sliced caterpillars = sliced dried mango

          lacewing flies = clear edible glitter

          dried nettles = thyme leaves

          puffer fish eyes = white non-pareils

          crushed snake fangs = granulated sugar

          crushed scarab beetles = fine black sugar

          rat tails = thin black string licorice

          chopped tube worms = chopped gummy worms

          porcupine quills = dried rosemary

          Antipodean Opaleye dragon eggshells = white chocolate flakes

          mint leaves = mint leaves
          And another big thank you to Kaye at  Mrs. Nespys World  for some great ideas for science experiments disguised as potions.  And she shared a download for both Professor Snape's Handbook and the Student Potion handbook as well.  It must have been a lot of work to put it together and what a gift to the students and professors at Hogwarts hosted by Camp Stoney. Thanks to Kaye, we will be making Exploding Filibusters, Dancing Unicorn Milk, Fleeing Spiders, and Restorative Mandrake Draught.
           Just to check if you really read this post, we are NOT using the Agua Fortis!  
          However, for some Adult Camp Stoney Fun, don't miss the upcoming renovation of Amos Chapel, organized by former counselor extraordinaire, Mary Jewel:

Put it on your calendars! The alumni association is planning a work day on May 5, come for the day or come for the weekend! All workers will be housed and fed while you're there.

We will be working on Amos Chapel (the trail, the little stone alter, the roof). The idea is to make it fabulous for the summer camping season!! For those of you who are unable to make the hike down the hill, there will be other projects around the lodge. For those of you who can't make the trip out, keep us in your prayers that weekend. 
You can also send a donation to the scholarship fund.  
And speaking of donations, in memory of former Board Member, John Clewlow, his wife has donated a fabulous hand carved wooden Christ that will be hung in the chapel.  John was an artist as well as an executive with the Boys Scouts and it is Anna's hope that his carving will grace many more years of camping worship.

Let me know if you need more information!



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