Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bunnies and eggs...oh my!

On a recent trip to Santa Fe to see some exhibits,  "Illuminating the Word" and "Breaking the Rules"  we popped into what shall remain an unnamed store to gaze in amazement at the prices.  Who pays $525 for a t-shirt?  Someone must because this store has anchored a corner of the plaza for quite awhile.  I have to say my thrifty soul was horrified.  A sneak peek in that store window, showed a very good looking jacket at the not so modest price of $1,200.  It made this bargain hunter nervous just to walk through the door.

We did, however, have to stop by one of my favorite (and much more reasonably priced) shops, ACC, which is primarily a furniture and design store, to see what wonderful seasonal displays they had up for Easter.  I almost always buy a little something here, although this time I only admired things as I was so busy taking photos to show to you, I did not have time to decide on anything.  Besides, we had to rush off to see the Margarete Bagshaw show.  The afternoon was waning.

Faux flowers and iron bunnies
Not sure I like the egg wreath, but love the faux flowers in the beautiful blue and white bowl.
My friend, Diane, loved this little writing desk.

I loved the blue and gold bird prints and framed pieces of IKAT fabric...
These turquoise jars
And this wonderful mirror
Easter table

Very versatile sectional couch.  Disappointed that the wonderful color on the wall is showing up pea green on my computer monitor.  Hope yours is more accurate.

Do you decorate for holidays?  I did decorate a lot when the children were at home, but now, not so much.  Please leave a comment below to let me know what you think about holiday decorations.


  1. Those metal bunnies looked exactly like chocolate ones! Could be dangerous for teeth.

    I do love holiday decorations but rarely buy them. not sure if it's more because I'm too cheap or because I don't know where I'd store them.

  2. The girls are loving that bunny you bought for them. They have been asking to pet it!


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